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Grand Carousel is reminiscent of being drawn to the bright, golden, lights of a carnival that’s come to town. The air swells with some kind of old-school music as you pass by dozens of rides, games, and incredible food stands boasting all of the decadent smells of fall - candy apples, hot mulled cider, and the most incredible cinnamon sugar pretzel. You opt for the latter and take a bite of heaven.

Grand Carousel

  • Fragrance Notes:

    Top: Sugar Crystals, Powdered Cinnamon
    Middle: Vanilla Extract, Buttermilk, Sea Salt
    Base: Baked Pretzel, Tonka Bean, Decadent Musk

    Hand-poured in Wilmington using a coconut soy wax that includes a small amount of food grade paraffin.

    Estimated burn time: 45 hours for 8 oz/227 g. 22 hours for 4 oz/113 g.

    Lead-free, cotton and paper wick.

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