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Reuse Your Vessels

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Finished burning through your candle? Excellent! We're so glad you enjoyed it and we want you to continue to do so! Reusing your candle vessel is so, so easy. Once you've reached the last 1/2" of wax, follow these steps!

  1. Pop it in the freezer. Yep, we're serious. Bringing the wax down to freezing temperatures allows it to separate from the glass.

  2. Grab a butter knife and run it around the edge of the remaining candle - between the wax and the jar. The wax should pop right out!

  3. Clean out any remaining wax residue with rubbing alcohol. (Our containers are matte, so feel free to use rubbing alcohol on the outside to buff out any fingerprints!)

  4. That's it! You're all set to reuse your Editorial Candle vessel! We think they look amazing holding plants on windowsill, cotton balls in the bathroom, or makeup brushes on your vanity! Got another idea? Tag us @editorialcandle on Instagram


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